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Outdoor Furniture Counter Height Furniture

Legendary Counter Height Furniture

In the late 1960's, then tobacco-buyer Walter R. Perkins Jr. was becoming increasingly obsessed with hammocks, routinely coming across them for sale during frequent business trips along the Carolina coast. In 1971, Mr. Perkins finally broke down and bought his first hammock for himself – though hardly to kick back and relax in. Instead, he promptly tore the thing apart, to learn how it was put together. In reassembling it, Mr. P. became convinced he could make one that was a whole lot better, and in that instant, Hatteras Hammocks was born. After nearly 40 years of that same line of thinking, we present to you now the current Hatteras lineup of hammocks, expertly designed and hand-constructed, innovation in service of almost sinful relaxation! Now if only we could get Mr. P. to slow down long enough to recline in one himself …

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