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Due to high demand of our handcrafted product and our current measures to protect the safety of our employees, please expect delays in processing and delivering of your order. We are working diligently to do our best to meet all of your needs.

Replacement Ring Knot - Cotton/Polyester

Handcrafted to Order! Ships in 16 weeks!
  • Replacement Ring Knot - Cotton/Polyester
    Replacement Ring Knot - Cotton/Polyester

Replacement Ring Knot - Cotton/Polyester

by Hatteras Hammocks Item #: RING-KNOT Handcrafted to Order! Ships in 16 weeks! $24.99
Shipping: $5.00

Features / Details

  • Cotton Rope: Hand Woven using 100% natural yarns and precision twisting and balance. It has been handcrafted the same way for more than 130 years.
  • Polyester Rope: Hand Woven using precision twisting and balance. Over years of evolution, this fiber has become soft to the touch and has great durability outdoors.
  • Zinc Plated Hardware: We plate all our hanging hardware, with zinc to protect against rust and ensure an overall longer outdoor life.


Quick ShipYes
BrandHatteras Hammocks
ShippingUSA Only
ColorCotton comes in natural and polyester comes in bright white
MaterialAvailable in cotton or polyester
WidthAvailable in multiple sizes


Available in sizes ranging from 18-26 strings in either Cotton or Polyester.

The Ring Knot includes the metal O-Ring, the macrame clew, zinc-plated chain and the extended ropes that go through the spreader bar. Simply untie the rectangle hammock body, pass the rope through the wood bar and re-attach the ring knots using a bowline knot to the hammock body.

Sold separately; change quantity if you would like more than one.

Ring knots are made to order and will ship in 3-5 business days after order is placed.

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