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15 ft. Steel Arc Hammock Stand with Cape Shield Powder Coating - Bronze

15 ft. Steel Arc Hammock Stand with Cape Shield Powder Coating - Bronze
It happens all the time: People finally buy themselves a hammock, then fall all too quickly out of the habit of actually getting into it. Because after a short time, their hammocks start blending into the background of their own back yards. And there hangs all that glorious stress-reduction potential, completely going to waste ...

Our Tri-Beam Steel Arc Hammock Stand can fix that sad situation in one fell swoop! With its sweeping central curve recalling the body of some bygone sailing ship, this sumptuous hammock support is just too strikingly attractive and dramatically different to go ever drifting unnoticed into the background.

Designed with our own award-winning Roman Arc Cypress Hammock Stand in mind, our Steel Arc stand is sleekly finished in our own lightly textured Cape Shield Powder Coat, among the handsomest, heaviest, most environmentally friendly industrial coatings available.

So as for forgetting to recline, with this sexy stand, you can just forget about all that! Hang your hammock from it, and you'll quickly find that relaxation will be ignored no longer.

**Wheel Kit does not fit this stand!

Stand-Out Features

  • 12 Gauge Quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight Capacity of 450 lbs.
  • Lightly textured Cape Shield Powder Coat for rust protection
  • Cape Shield Powder Coat is among the thickest, most uniformly applied and environmentally friendly industrial coatings available today

Item Specifications

Warranty1 year
BrandHatteras Hammocks
Size15 ft. x 4 ft.
Hardware(2) Off set hooks and (6) End caps
AccommodatesHammocks 13 feet in length, with chains
Length15 ft.
Width4 ft.
Height4 ft.
USA MadeYes
Weight Capacity450 lbs.
Stylish Arc Design!

Item No. L-ARCBR
In Stock

Price: $269.00

Shipping: $25.00


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