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Pillowtop Hammock - Hamptons Summer Stripe

Pillowtop Hammock - Hamptons Summer Stripe
What the … ? What's with all those ridges?

In a word, comfort. In another, support. Our Pillowtop Hammocks offer an abundant excess of both, far beyond what you're used to even with the best rope or quilted-fabric hammocks.

Incomparable relaxation constructions, our Pillowtops offer exquisite plushness paired with a level of lumbar support formerly unheard of in a hammock.

So yes, our Pillowtop Hammocks certainly do look different than you're used to — but wow do they ever feel different than you're used to, too!

They look, and feel, in a word, phenomenal.

The Hatteras Hammocks® Hamptons Summer Stripe Pillowtop Hammock is two layers of our own proprietary, industry-leading synthetic DuraCord® fabric lockstitched into seven individual horizontal pillows atop a thick center of nonabsorbent polyester hollowfill fiber manufactured from recycled plastic drink bottles. The top fabric layer is the charming Hamptons Summer blue, yellow and white maritime pattern; the bottom and side-binding are a solid neutral color.

DuraCord® itself is fast-drying, and resistant to rot, mold, mildew and staining, as well as being remarkably colorfast, with a softness on par with cotton.

The fabric bed is framed by two thick spreader bars of richly hued, deeply grained unfinished South American cumaru, among the hardest, densest, prettiest woods on Earth. Often called Brazilian teak, cumaru naturally ages to a stately silver-gray.

Chains and hanging hardware are handsome, rust-resistant zinc-plated steel.

The ropes attaching the hanging hardware to the hammock bed are also DuraCord®; we precision-wind all of our own rope ourselves, to exceed even the U.S. military's exacting specifications for strength.

Stand Sold Separately!

Stand-Out Features

  • Fabric is lockstitched atop ample cushions of resilient, nonabsorbent polyester hollowfill fiber, for heightened comfort and durability
  • Made in the USA
  • Superior Comfort Bed
  • DuraCord Durability
  • A synthetic fabric, DuraCord® is nonetheless as soft as cotton to the touch

Item Specifications

Thickness3.5 in. 5 in. at thickest point
Hanging Distance13-16 ft.
Warranty1 year
Bed Length6 ft. 10 in.
ColorHamptons Summer Stripe; back is solid neutral color
Rope8mm (5/8 inch)
Hardware(2) Zinc-plated chains and (2) Tree hooks
Accommodates2 people
Length13 ft.
Width55 in.
BrandHatteras Hammocks
USA MadeYes
Weight Capacity450 lbs.
IncludesDoes Not Include Stand
Weight26 lbs.
CareUse Oxyclean or a Mild Detergent, Water, and a Soft Scrub Brush

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