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About Hatteras Hammocks

Each of us aspires to something. Your dropping by our site today suggests at least a little of what you yourself aspire to – being better able to relax. Well then, you’ve landed in the right place! At Hatteras Hammocks, amplifying your relaxation is what we ultimately aspire to.

That’s the way it’s always been around here, ever since that fateful day back in 1971, when our founder, Walter R. Perkins Jr., began taking apart a rope hammock he’d just bought on a trip out to the Carolina coast. Though Mr. Perkins is truly a tinkerer at heart, he wasn’t sorting out how the hammock worked just so he’d know; he ultimately aspired to create something better.

At Hatteras Hammocks, Mr. Perkins’ abiding aspiration has grown us over the years into a company of loyal repeat customers and widely copied products. A company known not only for its quality of materials and workmanship, but for its consistent innovation in the pursuit of unparalleled relaxation.

Relaxation innovation: It’s not just what we do, but who we are.

Rope and fabric

Hammock Rope

Hatteras Rope

When we felt that our hammock rope needed to be stronger, we scoured the industry for a quality alternative. Then, when we couldn’t find one to suit us, we figured we’d better just start making the rope ourselves! Today we not only use exceptional rope precision-twisted from highest-quality yarns, but we also use a lot more of it. Our hammocks are on average 10-15 percent heavier than those of even our closest competitor, weighing a full 50 percent more than many other rope hammocks on the market. Our rope exceeds even the U.S. military’s exacting specifications for strength.

Hammock Fabric

DuraCord® Fabric

Through the years our frustration with the limitations of cotton rope finally led us to just say no to tradition, and to put our trust in innovation to find an acceptable alternative. It was hard to give up on cotton; it’s been the accepted hammock rope fiber for more than a century. But no matter the quality of the cotton, this natural fiber leaves you with a hammock you can depend on to rot within a few seasons of typical use. We always desired better for our products, and for our customers. Working with an established textiles company, we came up with DuraCord®, a remarkable synthetic that not only offers unparalleled weatherability and colorfastness, but also has the sought-after softness of cotton.

We were ultimately so impressed with DuraCord that we were soon integrating it into many of our fabric hammocks as well!

Wood and steel

Wooden Spreader Bar

Cumaru spreader bar

Our quest for stronger, longer-lasting wooden spreader bars that still maintain the lofty Hatteras standard for looks led us halfway around the globe before we alighted upon what we wanted. With nearly all of our hammocks now, we use only cumaru, an uncommonly durable, deeply grained hardwood harvested from managed forests in South America. Not to mention that we know of no other hammock company with a spreader bar as thick as our own.

Hammock Stand

Hammock stand

When we decided that our hammock stands, which were then as good or better than any on the market, needed further improvement still, we switched to heavier-gauge steel. Our stands are now as much as 15 pounds heavier than those of our closest competitor. This improvement ultimately led us to a whole new production process, our patented 360-degree Right Connection® weld, an exponential advance in stand safety. We’ve never seen a Right Connection fail. Never.

“We know that all of this is much more expensive for us,” acknowledged Hatteras Hammocks CEO Walter R. Perkins III, who came up handcrafting hammocks right alongside his irrepressible father. “We also know it’s worth it.”

Our hope here at Hatteras is that our ongoing aspirations to excellence might just inspire your own aspiration … to truly excellent relaxation!