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Hatteras Outdoors - Outdoor Curtains

There are countless ways to enhance the look and comfort of your favorite outdoor-living space, yet few produce the immediate, and lasting, impact as the addition of quality outdoor curtains.

More than just stylish design elements, outdoor curtains are the surest means of establishing the sense of an actual room outdoors. They introduce a border between outdoor spaces. They block intense sunlight and, especially when outdoor-curtain sheers are used, do wonders in establishing mood. Beyond even that, they create a sense of privacy right out in the open!

Each Hatteras Outdoors outdoor-curtain design comes in two handsome hanging varieties, grommet top and tab top, for artful simplicity as well as simplicity of use.

Grommet-top curtains. These unpleated drapes include circular all-weather grommets fitted near each curtain's upper edge, for slipping over a stationary curtain rod. Exceptionally easy to use, grommet-top curtains are among the most popular, efficient drapery types for outdoor settings.

Tab-top curtains. The fabric loops, shaped like the staggered battlements of an Old World castle, slide directly over a drapery rod. Our free-hanging tab-top curtains promise clean, modern lines for design, integrating exceptionally well with the feel of the contemporary outdoor room.

The Hatteras Outdoors outdoor-curtain line includes both WeatherSmart® Outdoor Curtains and Outdoor Curtains Made With Sunbrella®, fashioned from the best all-weather synthetic fabrics available. Both brands each include one outdoor-curtain sheer, a semi-transparent drapery style ideal for promoting a soft mood in any outdoor space.

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Outer Curtains Made With Sunbrella®

Outdoor Curtains Made With Sunbrella®

Proudly made in the U.S.A, in our own home state of North Carolina, our Outdoor Curtains Made With Sunbrella® are designed for heavy use and minimal care. Sunbrella® is the most established, best known high-performance outdoor fabric on the market today, with an unmatched history of quality, durability and product attractiveness. This heavy-duty yet lightweight solution-dyed acrylic blend is resistant to staining, fading, rot, mold and mildew, yet with a softness on par with cotton.

WeatherSmart® Outdoor Curtains

WeatherSmart® Outdoor Curtains

In performance, style and durability, WeatherSmart® is equal to or better than any other outdoor-curtain fabric available today. A unique synthetic blend, WeatherSmart® is designed exclusively for heavy-duty outdoor use, and is resistant to staining, rot, mod and mildew. It's also remarkably tough and abrasion-resistant, yet with a soft feel to rival cotton. The fabric is solution-dyed, which, in conjunction with additional UV inhibitors applied during manufacture, gives WeatherSmart® Outdoor Curtains an unmatched colorfastness, a vital feature for a product expressly intended for rigorous sun exposure.