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Hailing from high up in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, our Hatteras Outdoors hand-built, high-end outdoor furniture blends simple elegance with the unassumingly casual. These artful rockers, chairs and tables boasts solid cumaru bodies and binding pegs, with chair seats and seatbacks crafted from solution-dyed DuraCord® rope.

Sometimes called Brazilian teak, cumaru (pronounced COO-muh-roo) is among the prettiest, densest, hardest woods on Earth. But it's not just hard, it's harder than hard – five times more so than pine, cedar or redwood. Fire doesn't like it. Rain beads off it. Boring insects won't touch it.

Close inspection of this exotic hardwood's rich hue reveals a prominent grain varying frequently in shade, shape and intensity, ranging from deep amber to a rich chocolate-brown, often with the faintest hint of cherry-red. With no coat of finish, cumaru naturally ages to a lovely silver-gray.

The cumaru we use has been harvested only from managed forests in South America.

The heavy 3-ply colored DuraCord rope in our seats and seatbacks is hand-woven so skillfully and so tightly, you'd almost think it was thick fabric instead. Though soft as cotton, DuraCord offers superior weatherability, and is resistant to staining, rotting, mold and mildew. It's also the most colorfast rope fiber available.

Hatteras Outdoors outdoor furniture: proudly unlike anything else on the market today!

Hatteras Outdoors Cumaru High Dining Table

Hatteras Outdoors Cumaru High Dining Table

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They say that opposites attract, but in the case of this higher-standing, highest-quality outdoor table, opposites are, in fact, what make it so attractive. Sharp angles, clean lines and distinct geometric shapes dominate the precise design, yet the matchless allure of cumaru wood conveys a wealth of warmth and comfort, of relaxed good taste.

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