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Canvas White Sunbrella Nickel Grommeted Outdoor Curtain

Canvas White Sunbrella Nickel Grommeted Outdoor Curtain
The best-known, most-established high-performance outdoor fabric available today, Sunbrella offers an unmatched history of quality, durability and attractiveness. Easy to use, grometted curtains are among the most efficient and popular drapery types for outdoor settings. With stylish all-weather circular grommets fitted at the curtain-top to slip over a stationary hanging rod, these unpleated curtains are a cinch to put up and take down. Grommets also add a terrific design element; the perfectly round holes smartly contrast with the natural linearity of the curtains themselves. Available in various sizes. Does not include weights or space for weights on bottom of panel

**Beware of competitors that offer stainless steel nickel colored grommets which may rust over time.**

Stand-Out Features

  • Softness to rival cotton
  • Resistant to rotting, mold and mildew
  • Rapid-drying
  • Exceptionally Colorfast
  • Resistant to staining

Item Specifications


Price: $79.99 - 124.99

Shipping: $4.00


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